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High Quality Tuning & Repairs Service

The piano is the king of all instruments - you can play it loudly, you can play it softly, you can play it slowly or you can play it quickly. You have an orchestra at your fingertips. You can create, reproduce, have fun, impress, convey emotion… all this is much more enjoyable if your piano is in tune!

We can tune your piano! Keeping your piano in tune is very important for a number of reasons:

  • When learning the piano the most important sense that children rely on is the sense of sound. If a child attends a piano lesson where (hopefully) the teacher's piano is in tune and at the correct pitch, then returns home to play on a piano that is out of tune and flat… this will impair their learning and perhaps even discourage any interest in learning the piano. To assist your learning or that of your child, keep your piano tuned.

  • Music is very enjoyable when playing with others. If the piano is at a different pitch than the other instruments, or voices, what could be beautiful becomes a cacophony. Keeping the piano in tune avoids this.

  • Pianos are made to be at concert pitch. The wood and steel has been made to withstand exacting stress levels and to alter this stress by reducing the tension (or pitch) of the piano can result in long-term damage. Protect your pianos longevity, by keeping it in tune.

  • A piano that is tuned regularly is far more valuable than a piano that has been poorly maintained. With new pianos starting in price from around £2000 it is a sensible idea to look after such a valuable investment. Look upon your piano not just as a musical instrument but also as an investment, and keep it in tune.
Sheffield Pianos Tuning

Pianos often need more than a piano tuning service. Piano repairs can be complex and needed for many different reasons. Every piano is different in construction, the use it gets, and the environment in which it's played. It's vital that a high level of expertise and the correct materials for each repair should be used.

While a piano may seem like a simple instrument to operate, it has more than 12,000 parts, 10,000 of which are moving. If a glue joint breaks, a center pin (the pin that parts hinge on) becomes loose or tight, action felt swells or action felt wears out, the result will be sloppy, sluggish, sticking, non responsive notes that can only be remedied with careful and expert repair.

A standard piano has about 230 strings, each of which has about 165 pounds of tension. The combined tension of the strings is more than 18 tons. For the concert grand piano, that number increases to more than 30 tons. Strings can break under usage, or simply under the stress of tension. Each individual piano has custom sized strings made specifically for its own construction and scaling design. Replacing strings with the wrong gauge will result in poor tuning stability, bad sound production, and reduction in the pianos financial value.

Piano keys were originally made from ivory, thus the origin of the phrase, 'tickle the ivories'. This lasted until the 1950s, when cost and environmental concerns caused piano makers to switch to plastic keys. The glue that binds the ivory and plastic to the wood can become loose over time depending on usage and the climatic conditions the piano has been kept in, resulting in the key top falling off. With the correct know how and materials this is an easy repair.

Most damage to pianos is due to keeping the piano in the wrong environmental conditions. Humidity too high, humidity too low, temperature too high, temperature too low, these conditions have a bearing on how well the parts stay together, how well the parts work and how well ultimately the piano works (and how enjoyable it is to play!)

We are experts in repairing any part of the piano. We can supply and fit the correct materials using the correct tools and methods. Incorrect materials and repairs will only affect the play-ability of your piano and the pianos value. Call us now if you have any piano repair issues.

Sheffield Pianos Tuning and Repairs

We are here to help you with all you piano needs. We will keep your playing to its optimum and keep your music playing the rewarding and exhilarating experience it should be. Call us today to discuss how we can help you with your piano. We cover all areas in and around Sheffield and aim to be with you at your convenience.